"Online" Charity Poker Tournament

"Online" Charity Poker Event Details

DATETBD (Spring 2021)
Event 1 - TBD (Spring 2021)TBD | $75 Donation – No-Limit Hold’em – 10,000 starting chips, 10-minute blinds, blinds start 15-30
Event 2 - TBD (Spring 2021)TBD | $100 Donation – No-Limit Hold’em – 10,000 starting chips, 10-minute blinds, blinds start 15-30
Event 3 - TBD (Spring 2021)TBD | $100 Donation – H.O.R.S.E. - 10,000 starting chips, 10-minute blinds, blinds start 100-200
Event 4 - TBD (Spring 2021)TBD | $125 Donation – No-Limit Hold’em - 10,000 starting chips, 10-minute blinds, blinds start 15-30
Event DetailsThese four tournaments will be freeze-out (no rebuys or add-ons) structure and take place all “online” on the PokerStars platform, which is computer based, however you may now play on your mobile devices by downloading the PokerStars Lite Mobile App. You will need to pre-donate, then pre-register and be accepted by putting in credentials (apply to play). Donate early: PayPal (donation@3u3d.org), credit-card, check (if received by TBD), or you MAY use (and are encouraged to use) partial or full credit from the previously scheduled in-person events if you like (simply send an email to donation@3u3d.org to use your previous credit). Prizes will be based upon number of event attendees, but this event will function basically as a 50-50. Prizes will be listed on our Facebook page the evening of our event. If you bust (run out of chips), you’re done with the tournament(s) - there will be NO rebuys. This will be a pre-donate event. We are asking people to REGISTER early and not wait until the day of the event due to the set-up and influx of players that will want to play that day and the process that goes along with playing. Each event will have a 60 minute grace period to get in the day of these events:

Registration Information

  • Play in three steps: DONATE, APPLY, REGISTER…
  • DONATE $75-$400 by clicking the form below to DONATE or click the DONATE button listed at the top of the page and manually put in your donation.  You may donate via credit or debit card, or you may send a PayPal to donation@3u3d.org (for goods & services is fine), and please ensure we have your full address. You may download your own donation letter upon registering (please do so for your records).  And please DONATE BEFORE registering for the tournament(s).
  • Early Registration Bonus:  Register by TBD…
  • APPLY – Download and sign up for an account on PokerStars if you do not already have one (can download software at pokerstars.net or pokerstarts.bet). Create a username.  APPLY to “Home Game” 3536711 and use the invitation code “baseball” (you’ll see a link on the bottom right of PokerStars).  Please put your full name in the invitation or we will NOT approve you.  You will not be approved until you have made your donation.
  • REGISTER for the event(s) on PokerStars after donating for the event and applying to the home club. Once you are registered for the event, you are set for now.  Please log into the site at least 30 minutes before your scheduled event time.  Each event will require 20,000 play chips which PokerStars gives you 35,000 free for a new account.  If you are playing up to four events, you’ll need 80,000 play chips and can get ‘free’ chips every four hours on the site by clicking the “free chips” icon on the top right of the site (please do not wait until the day of or you may be required to purchase chips).  Over the two week registration period, click on “free chips” days in advance to ensure you have enough chips.  Once again, please register early, early if you know you are ‘in’.  Thank you!

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